We organize for Free
Your Stay in Polynesia

Save time and money
Thanks to enthusiasts of Polynesia

Everybody Love to Travel...

Discovering Incredible Places

hotel royal Huahine

Colors of a Dream Like Landscape

Making Surprising Encounter

Not the one Expected

Tasting New Flavors

Polynesian Cooking lesson

Fresh and Delicious

Disconnecting from the routine

Every Moment is an Unforgettable Memory

...Nobody Love to Organize !

Search, Compare, Organize,
Plan, Check, Book, Confirm, ...

We all know that!
The most horrible part of the trip
It takes hours or even days to prepare everything.

With the time spent reading review sites,
specialized blogs, travel forums,
pouring over our Lonely Planet, ...

It almost disgust us of travelling!

Time to make thing easier

With our team of Polynesia's enthusiasts , we have created a
  Completely Free Service
to allow you to

Make the Most of Your Trip to Polynesia

Without Spending Days to Organize it

With great Advantages for You :

  • No more wasted time looking for information - we suggest you the activities that suit you best.
  • No more disappointments - our team of passionate test everything and give you sincere and neutral advice.
  • Save your money with our exclusive discounts (average savings: 6% of your budget)
  • Participate in the preservation of Polynesian beauties - Your donations support associations of Fenua (country in Polynesian))
  • Start your stay calmly with your "welcome pack" given upon arrival.
  • No Commitment, No Fees, No Worries

Free ? Where is the Trap ?

There are no traps
That's the beauty of the service!

We are a team of passionate that cares about the ecological future of French Polynesia above all.

Our goal is simple:
Make you enjoy your stay to the fullest by offering you free and tailor-made planning for your vacation.
In exchange
Make a Donation

And help Local Ecological Associations which:

  • Fight pollution daily,
  • Inform future generations about ecological issues,
  • Protect the unique ecosystems of the Polynesian islands.

Discover our actions

How does it Work ?

1st Stage: Registration

The first step is to register to Tahiti Experience by clicking here.
Objective of the stage:

  • Specify your request better
  • Prepare the 2nd step

2nd Stage: Determination of your Traveller's profil

Take 10 minutes to fill out our form to define: Your Expectations, What you like, What you don't like, ... and all the information to allow us to establish your profile and Create a tailor-made Dream Stay .

Objective of the stage:

  • Get to know you better

3d Stage: Reception of Proposals

We will create at least 2 Different Stays based on your responses to the forms (step 2). Then we will send them to you.

You can click here to see a sample proposal.

Now you can :

Continue the organization by yourself


Benefit from exclusive advantages
(reductions, pre-reservations docs, ...)
by Entrusting us with the Reservation part

Optional - 4th Stage: Pre-reservation

If you wish to benefit from :

  • Up to 10% savings (6% on average) on accommodation, rental and sometimes activity expenses.
  • An easy to read document simplifying all the deposits to be paid: Example here.
  • Your Welcome Pack given upon arrival

Entrust us for free with the Pre-booking of your stay.
You will only have to pay the deposit and
Now your Stay is ready!

Step 5 - A Donation to Help the Association of Fenua

If you enjoyed our work,
Make a gesture to help us
to preserve this fragile environment

Where does the donation money go?

Support Local Ecological Association

50 % of your donation

Due to its central position in the Pacific, Polynesia receives plastic waste from around the world. Fortunately, associations work to clean up, but also train the locals to adopt an eco-responsible behavior.
These are the associations that you will support.

Discover our Action

Improve & Create New Content

50 % of your donation

To help you in your choices, to show you Polynesia without filter, and to make you dream. We feed our social accounts with videos, images, podcast, ...
This makes it possible to reach more people and to collect more donations to support local ecological actions.

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You still have questions ?

Click Here to ask us

Inspired but the Mana,
Created with the love of Fenua

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