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 Fenua's Wonders

dechets plastiques makemo

Trashes on the Reef Of the Atoll of Makemo

French Polynesia hit hard by pollution :

  • Plastic Pollution destroys marine life and stain the most beautiful reef in the world
  • Inhabitants Pollution which is piled in big holes then are burned or buried before starting again
  • Industrial Pollution who exploit without worry of any ecological impact the precious resources of the Fenua: Fish, Wood and Mineral.

Outdoor discharge of Fa'a

To offer an alternative many associations lead daily actions

on better ways of doing things,
fragile ecosystems and endemic species and
our islands on Earth as on Sea.

If We want Our Fenua to keep it Authentic and Beautiful, 

We Need to Help Those Association.

We are committed to donating 50% of your donations to associations working for the preservation of Fenua.

  • 50% For the Local Ecological Association
  • 40% To Improve and Create more Content
  • 10% to pay those who allow to continue the fight

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Our Next Move

Ideas and causes are not lacking. But first you have to collect the first donations!

Example of Association We are looking to Help

Nana Sac Plastique

Nana Sac Plastique

Nana Sac Plastique

A group of volunteers who fight daily against the single-use plastic that pollutes the ecosystems of Polynesia.
Their actions are exemplary and they are very committed to the protection of the environment and sustainable development.

Link to there Facebook page

coral gardener

Coral Gardeners

Coral Gardeners

A team of motivated young people (and not so young) who are dedicated to preserving coral reefs, especially in Moorea.
Coral is the foundation of the ecological pyramid of the seabed of Polynesia. Unfortunately, mass tourism, pollution and the warming of the waters are hurting these living beings who are dying little by little. The collective cutting and replanting corals in different areas to bring life back to the lagoons.

Find out more on their Website

Inspired but the Mana,
Created with the love of Fenua

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