Visiting Leewards Island in a different way

voyager en catamaran

Catamaran dans le Lagon de Tahaa, Bora Bora en fond

  • Want to visit the Leeward Islands at your own pace and differently?
  • You want to reduce your carbon footprint but enjoy these paradises?
  • Do not want to be stressed by your flight dates?

Rent your Catamaran with Skipper and Hostess for an experience out of the ordinary!

What is it exactly ?

You simply do a tailor-made cruise in the Leeward Islands with an experienced Skipper / Guide and a hostess who will take care of all your meals and your well-being on board.

The experience is amazing because you can discover the islands at your own pace, no pressure flights to respect.
Your skipper knows a lot about these islands and the Polynesian culture. He will always have a good answer to your questions.
The pleasure of waking up in a new place, facing a magnificent landscape above a wonderful lagoon.

Catamaran et paddle

Enjoy Lagoon like never before

If you want to travel differently, this is definitely an option to consider.

What's the program ?

You rent the Catamaran for the day. If you want to visit 3 islands, it takes about 6 days. Generally, crossing are at night to maximize the time you spend enjoying an island.

It is important to remember that the trip is tailor-made, that is to say that you decide with the skipper if you want to stay one more day or change island.
The program is just given as an indication.

1 - First island: Huahine

Departure from Tahiti towards Huahine in the evening to make the bulk of the crossing during the night. In the morning, you arrive in the lagoon of Huahine and you have the day for you.

Huahine is a pretty wild island but there are many things to do: Hiking, visit unusual places, discover incredible beaches.

We advise you to rent a vehicle on site to explore this island. Do not hesitate to check with the Skipper to help you explore.

Generally, we will stay 2 days on Huahine.

2 - Second Island: Raiatea & Tahaa

The few hours of navigation that separates the lagoon from the twin islands of Huahine will be done early in the morning while you will surely sleep.

In the program, it is advisable not to miss the visit of the site of the origin of the Polynesian culture. You can also go on a hike that leaves not far from the city center to get a little height and enjoy an incredible panorama!

Again, 2 days to explore the lagoon and the main places are a minimum.

3 - Third Island: Bora Bora

As for the ride, Huahine> Raiatea, Raiatea> Bora Bora will be early in the morning and you will probably wake up in this lagoon famous for these incredible colors!

In Bora Bora, you can easily go around the island by bike to discover all the mythical places that have made the reputation of this piece of paradise.

4 - Fourth Island: Maupiti

Depending on the conditions, you may be able to grow up to the small island of Maupiti. Although it is difficult to get into the lagoon, it is not impossible and you have to see with the skipper.

By cons, if you have the green light, go for a visit because Maupiti is a chance and you will certainly fall under its spell.

After, you can fly back if time is lacking or continue your cruise to Tahiti.

How much does this unique cruise cost?

The rental includes:

  • The catamaran with his skipper and his hostess
  • Meals taken on board.
  • The equipment of the catamaran: fins, masks, tuba, paddle, ...
  • 4 cabins with double bed that can accommodate up to 8 people.
  • All trips Catamaran <> Land

All this for about 99,000 XPF per day

Does it seem expensive?
Travel with a couple of friends make it 4 people, the catamaran is 25 000XPF / day / person.

  • Airline tickets for the 3 islands are 60,000 * 4 = 240k
  • Accommodation on the lagoon: 25,000 * 2 * 5 = 250k
  • Meals: 10,000 * 6 * 4 = 240k

Total :  750k XPF for the 6 days journey at 4 or 31 250 XPF per person per day.

And it is without counting the activities included in the hiring of the catamaran that will have to pay in addition otherwise.

I am interested, who to contact for this cruise?

‚ÄčTo get in touch with some of the best luxury Catamaran renters.
The easiest way is to click here to contact us!