Unique Polynesian Cooking Lesson

  • You want to learn to cook delicious Polynesian Dishes ?
  • You want to meet the local fisherman, the local farmer and use their goods to your dishes ? 
  • You want to eat your freshly cook meal "local style" ?

So you will love this new culinary experience in Moorea !

What exactly is it ?

This experience annonces the end of traditional cooking classes! Rather than start and finish your class in a kitchen. This chef had the wonderful idea to make you discover his daily life from the selection of local products until the tasting through the realization of the recipe.

Between meeting and tasting, this cooking class will immerse you in the heart of Moorea.

What's the program ?

Your morning (a little more) will be divided into 3 sections:

1 - Collecting Organics Ingredients

No need for locomotion because it is on board his van that you start your journey. We will come to your accommodation with up to 6 other people to meet a local fisherman.

poissons a vendre

Make your choice

fruits locaux a vendre

Fruits Taste Invasion

The opportunity to learn more about fishing in Polynesia and everything you dreamed of knowing about lagoon and offshore fish. But above all, it is the opportunity to choose fresh catches to enrich the recipe.

Then head for a Faa'apu (traditional kitchen garden) to meet a local farmer. Help the chef choose the best vegetables and learn how to grow them traditionally in the middle of the Pacific. This passionate will answer all your questions with a great pleasure.

2 - Cooking Time

But time passes! It's time to get together in the kitchen to start the preparations. Follow the advice of the chef to sublimate your ingredients by making the recipe of the day.

"Impossible to fail with such good ingredients!" And even without experience in a kitchen (cooking pasta is not considered as an experience;)), the dish we prepared together was delicious.

3 - Banquet "local style"

Once each person / group has finished their recipe, it's time to move on to the part everyone prefers: Tasting.

repas a moorea

Prêt à vous régaler ?

Accompanied by a glass of local freshly squeezed fruit juices, around a good table, a Polynesian song in the background and in front of the lagoon. What a wonderful time to finish the morning!

How much does this unique cooking class cost?

The entire experience lasts about 5 hours and includes:

  • Return transfer to your accommodation
  • Routes to different sites
  • A stop Mer
  • A stop Earth
  • The traditional cooking class
  • Tasting at the edge of the lagoon
  • A new unforgettable Polynesian experience to share and tell.

All this for a really reasonnable price.

I am interested, who to contact for these unique cooking classes?

Inspired but the Mana,
Created with the love of Fenua

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