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Do you want to make the most of your holiday in Huahine?
  You know that choosing your accommodation is the key. Sleeping well is the secret of a successful vacation!
But do not hide it in Huahine as elsewhere, there are many options with his lot of accommodation to avoid.

We spend hours searching, testing and evaluating the various solutions to offer you this ranking of the best guesthouse in Huahine.

Best Pension in Huahine

Looking for authenticity, then pensions are for you. They are the link between the island and you. For us the best Pension is:

Fare Ara, l'île Sauvage

vue exterieur fare ara

View of the Pension


Tinau, the owner is incredibly kind. He knows a lot about Huahine, answers all your questions and solves your problems in record time.

Quality / Prices

All accommodations are impeccable and clean. The mattresses are thick and comfortable, the kitchen functional and there is air conditioning to help you withstand the heat between 2 lagoon's bath.


The greetings, free transportation from the airport, if available upgrades (F1> F3), homemade jams, access to the gym and the possibility of renting bikes, car and canoe are the assets of choice for visitors.

Global Notation :  

4,6 / 5

Visitor's Notation :

note facebook

We were seduced, but we are not alone. The only problem with this guesthouse is that all the others seem bland next to it...
Do you want to stay in this nugget made in Huahine?

Others Good Option - Family Guesthouses

Notation :
Pension Fare Maeva

Fare Maeva

Pension Fare Maeva

Solid services and a warm Greeting. A value for money a little unfavorable. Closer to the spirit Hotel more than a guesthouse.

Notation :
pension Ariitere huahine


Pension Ariitere

A fantastic welcome, the accommodations are clean but basic. It lacks some key benefits, but remains one of the best huahine pensions.

Notation :
pension tupana huahine


Pension Tupuna

We like the Greeting and the ideal situation of this pension. She could have dethroned our champion if the prices were a little lower.

Best Guesthouse in Huahine

Behind the guest house is often the AirBnb rentals. So, for us the best Airbnb rental for Huahine is:

Chez Here-Ata

Pension chez here ata Huahine

Guesthouse Chez Here Ata


Anna, the owner, will welcome you with a Polynesian smile. You will quickly feel at home seeing yourself as a member of the family.

Quality / prices

The house is new and the owner makes sure everything works perfectly. There is no pool, but the lagoon and the river are 2 steps away for a cool break.


Cultural experiences, you are in the right place. Anna or a member of her family will be happy to show you how to fish shrimp Pareo, bamboo in the lagoon or picking fruit in the forest.

Global Notation:  

4,1 / 5

Visitor's notation :

note airbnb chez Here ata

The Chez Here-Ata Guest House is a pearl to seize in Huahine.

It has just arrived on the market and it is rare to find a good of this quality. 

The big advantage not found elsewhere is the sharing (if you like of course) of the traditional culture of Huahine.
Curious to learn more?

Others Good Option - Guest houses

Notation :
fare Kahaia

Fare Kahaia

Fare Kahaia

Our winner from previous years gives way to a newcomer. Nevertheless, this house remains a safe bet for your stay in Huahine especially if you are in a couple.

Notation :
Villa maroe

Villa Maroe

Villa Maroe

We climb in prices but also in luxury. Villa Maroe can quickly become your cocoon to escape to Huahine. To try it is to adopt it.

Notation :

Fare Terevaa

Fare Terevaa

A haven of peace in the middle of the city of Fare. Close to everything and yet you will find everything you need for your holidays.

Best Hotel in Huahine

To classify the hotel is far from being an easy task because it is necessary to take into account the standing of this one. And yet in Huahine, there is one that stands out clearly, it is:

Maitai Lapita Village

Maitai Lapita Village

Maitai Lapita Village


The Reception is worthy of the standing that represents this establishment. Greeting cocktail, luggage taken care of, attentive and responsive staff.

Quality / Prices

There are no "over the lagoon" bungalows in Lapita. Only some above a lovely natural pond. It's a shame but the rest of the benefits are honorable.


While residing in the hotel you have access to the pool, bicycles, canoes, paddle, and much more for free. We also really like the museum that presents the Lapita culture. The extra is its location for those who also want to visit the island.

Global notation :  4,2 / 5

This hotel is a good compromise between comfort and freedom. You can enjoy the surroundings and the activities of the hotel, go for a walk in the city or go exploring without worries. It is this free side that we do not necessarily find in the other 2 that allowed us to make our final choice.

Discover the best hotel in Huahine:

Others Good Option - Hotels

Notation :
hotel royal Huahine

Royal Huahine

Hotel Royal Huahine

If you are looking for a heavenly hotel cut off from the world then the Royal Huahine is for you! Only accessible by boat you will find everything that makes the charm of these exceptional hotels: Bungalow over the lagoon, ready for all the accessories for your activities, restaurants over the lagoon.
In short, the perfect place to relax in peace and idleness in the sun.

Notation :
Hotel Le Mahana

Le Mahana

Hotel Le Mahana

Located opposite the airport on Huahine iti, Le Mahana offers a nice series of Bungalows directly overlooking the lagoon. All the standard services of Huahine hotels are available with the exception of the swimming pool.
If you want an alternative between the isolation of the Royal Huahine and the central position of Maitai Lapita, then the Mahana is a good option.

Choosing an accommodation is always a delicate action.
Even though we still have a preference for pensions,
we made this selection based solely on our research,
our experience and visitors feedback on multiple platforms.

Happy Holidays in Huahine;)
The team of Tahiti-Experience.com

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Created with the love of Fenua

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